JUICE HEAD POUCHES - Mango Strawberry Mint - 5-Pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Aaron D.
Great flavor - mango strawberry

I still like blueberry more but this is a great alternative to have on hand just to mix it up a bit. Fast shipping and a great price. What more could one ask for?

Emily See


Brandon Willson
Juice Head nicotine pouches

I’m glad I was able to find a nicotine product that was flavorful, enough and tobacco free. These are just that. They satisfy.

alexander Noe

I used tobacco products for years, I seen these and had to try them and been hooked ever since!

Perfect Pouches!

I have tried pretty much all the brands and Juice Head is by far the best! Great prices too!

The best JH flavor

This is their best flavor. They should rework the others they dont come close especially the blueberry.

Omar Gutierrez

Best flavor for sure however some people are correct not much of a buzz for some reason but still top lipper

Paul Roy
Life changer

I stopped using chewing tobacco after 40 years of use the first time I tried juice head. The flavor is great and I find with two pouches it will last me hours. I wish you were not out of stock so often especially for us original founders that supported you. It’s not fair that we helped you grow and now we can’t get product. We should have our orders filled first. I am blind and can’t drive around looking for it and have to buy online

Brittany Sutton
Juice head pouches

I love them! My town only has 1 place that sells and I buy a can a day so they run out alot lol

Josh Hoy
Juice head

Best pouches hands down. Last the longest as well.

Product description


Satisfy your taste buds and enjoy flavorful satisfaction with Juice Head Mango Strawberry Mint Pouches. Juice Head Mango Strawberry Mint Pouches are available in two strengths (6mg and 12mg) and offer adult users a flavorful, discreet, and smoke-free way to enjoy nicotine satisfaction anytime, anywhere. 20 Pouches Per Can. 5 Cans Per Sleeve.
  • Made with Zero Tobacco Nicotine
  • 20 Pouches Per Can
  • 5 Cans Per Sleeve