JUICE HEAD POUCHES - Peach Pineapple Mint

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Customer Reviews

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Harley Stout

JUICE HEAD POUCHES - Peach Pineapple Mint

Ryan Van Dyke

JUICE HEAD POUCHES - Peach Pineapple Mint

Christopher Simpson
Best pouches

These are so tasty and not harsh at all!!

Amos Blomquist

This product is great I love the size of each pouch And how long the flavor last. I would like to see some new flavors.

Isaiah Hoffland

Tastes like burnt vape juice. I guess that makes sense that a vape company canโ€™t make a good pouch.

TW Warner

Could use a little more flavor but other than that great chewing tobacco alternative.

Brandon and Pam Williams
Peach pineapple

It's awesome

Decent flavor

It's not strawberry mango which is the best flavor but it's not plain terrible like blueberry. It's a good break from the first

Really should work on the other flavors

Christopher Monardo
Worst pouch

Honesty, I really wanted to like these, because the fruit flavors are great, but the menthol is just way too much. Way too overpowering. It's so bitter that it completely takes away from the fruit. Just a hint of cool would be much more pleasant.

More pineapple please..

This flavor is ok..but I found that it definitely tastes more like peaches than pineapple.

Product description

Excite your taste buds with a tropical blend of juicy peach, tart pineapple, and a hint of refreshing mint with Juice Head Peach Pineapple Mint Nicotine Pouches. Juice Head Peach Pineapple Mint Pouches are available in two strengths (6mg and 12mg) and offer users a flavorful, discreet, and smoke-free way to enjoy nicotine satisfaction anytime, anywhere. 20 Pouches Per Can. Looking for a larger quantity? Check out our Peach Pineapple 5-Can Pack

  • Made with Zero Tobacco Nicotine
  • 20 Pouches Per Can

Looking for a larger quantity? Check out our Peach Pineapple 5-Can Pack